Getting the MOST For Your Customer’s Claim | Let’s Settle It! w/ Adonys Perez

Getting the MOST For Your Customer's Claim | Let's Settle It! w/ Adonys Perez

Cesar Vargas and Noa Olcha sat down with Adonys Perez, one of our AMAZING Account Managers here at Your Virtual Adjuster! The three of them dive deep into questions that our roofing partners have about their customer’s claims and how to resolve them.

Insurance companies needs to be convinced in order for a policyholder to get the most for their property damage claim. This means that they need to have photo and video proof of damages that they are being asked to provide funds to repair.


Adonys dives deep into the best ways for our roofing partners to maximize their customer’s settlement by using our mobile claims app.


How Do You Maximize Your Customer’s Damage Claim?


When it comes to insurance claims, writing out a detailed description of loss is one of your most important tools. Just explaining that the customer’s roof has wind damage is not enough information. Pinpointing every detail about the loss and the damage itself will only help you and your customer. These include things such as missing shingles and panels, hail hits, and broken windows. It’s important to remember that a picture is worth a thousand words, but they don’t always tell the whole story.


When taking photos and videos, our mobile claims app gives you a place to store all of your information. Our team, powered by Bulldog Adjusters, will then use this information to create our FREE comprehensive claims binder. This binder provides the insurance company with a Xactimate Estimate, aerials, and so much more to maximize the final settlement amount.



“Roofers are professionals at roofing, and we are professionals at policies.”



YVA is dedicated to ensuring that residential insurance claims under $50k are accessible to roofers and contractors across the nation. Because of this, we have made it our goal to do that using the power of communication and technology. We give you access to an app that makes it easier than ever to keep track of your customer’s files. Your account manager will reach out to you weekly to update you on everything regarding your customer’s claim!


We’ve settled thousands of claims resulting in millions of dollars in settlements for our customers. Download our mobile claims app today to learn how you can earn more money at no additional cost to you. We even provide you with frequent updates to ensure that you’re always using the most advanced technology!




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