What is in Your Virtual Adjuster’s Comprehensive Claims Binder?

Insurance companies are notorious for being difficult to deal with. This is especially so when it comes to settling property damage insurance claims. It’s the whole reason why Your Virtual Adjuster’s Estimators create our comprehensive claims binder! We present this binder to the insurance company to show them WHY their customers deserve the settlement.

Using our comprehensive claims binder, we have been able to secure as much as $4 million in March 2022 alone!

Why do you need our Comprehensive Claims Binder?

Your Virtual Adjuster’s comprehensive claims binder is packed with the information we need to get the most for your customer’s claim. Included is:

An Xactimate Estimate 

The YVA Virtual Claims app provides you with the ability to take all the photos and measurements necessary for our Estimators to create an estimate. This calculates all the materials, labor, and documentation needed to complete the insurance job.

Picture report

Picture reports could just mean taking a few photos and calling it a day. But that could result in you having to go back and retake photos – who wants to do that? Photos are important because they help tell the story of what happened, how, and when. The better the images, the better the story. We use this story to negotiate and settle your customer’s claim so that you can get started on their job!


Aerials also tell a story alongside the images that you took. You will be able to see a full report that includes the images you took side-by-side next to aerials that include clear measurements of different parts of the roof.

Local & State Codes

When it comes to roofing renovations or repairs, home building codes are extremely important standards. Not only will the comprehensive claims binder include all of the above, but it will also provide you with the local and states codes for the home you are working on.

More In Our Claims Binder…

Manufacturer Specifications

We use these specifications to prove our case to the insurance company. These specifications are necessary when it comes to informing contractors about what materials are needed and how to properly install them. Think of it like a vehicle’s manual!

Xactimate O&P Definitions

The YVA app will provide you with general overhead and profit information regarding the insurance claim that you are working with. 

Weather Report

We use this report to prove to the insurance company that the damage your customer is facing is in fact hail damage.

Engineering Report (When Necessary) 

We also have an engineering firm validate the damages that the roofer has seen on-site. This report helps analyze and offer solutions to contractors for their roofing job.

Partner with Your Virtual Adjuster

Your Virtual Adjuster powered by Bulldog Adjusters created this claims binder for free for every single claim that our contracting partner sends through the YVA platform.

Dive into the future of claims and get started with our onboarding process!

Our team of educators provides weekly training with your sales team to help navigate your customer’s property damage insurance claims $50K or less regardless of their roofing industry experience!

Are you ready to make insurance claims easier than ever?

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Welcome to the future of claims. Welcome to Your Virtual Adjuster.

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