Hailstorm Happy Hour Event

Happy Hour

Our wonderful Sales Managers at Your Virtual Adjuster, Aldo Hreczny and Alfredo Tarkanyi set up a Hailstorm Happy Hour event last week at both the Hard Rock Cafe in San Antonio and Bar Louie in Las Colinas, Texas!

We talked over food and drinks and had a great time being able to meet with everyone who joined us in person.

We even had the opportunity to share what we do with everyone using our Virtual Claims app!

These kinds of events are by invitation only so keep a close eye on your email for a message from us!

Your Virtual Adjuster powered by Bulldog Adjusters is a VIRTUAL claims management technology! We help roofing contractors get the support they need to sell more jobs and get on more roofs. We’ve settled THOUSANDS of claims in our company’s lifetime resulting in millions of dollars for our customers. In fact, our team secured over $4 million in March 2022 alone!


We also make sure to keep our partners updated every month with news and events via our newsletter! In it, you’ll find a ton of useful information about:

  • Giveaways – We just finished running a giveaway for a FREE DJI drone! Anyone who submitted a claim on our platform had a chance to win!
  • Daily Claim Video – Our Daily Claim videos show you how we were able to use our comprehensive claims package to flip claim settlements!
  • Weather Reports – We let you know about some of the intense storms going on around the country and the verified sources that we get this information from!
  • Tips and Tricks – Our dedicated team members always have new information that would be beneficial to anyone and everyone in the roofing industry!
  • Our Staff – Get to know us by watching our individual staff interviews! There’s a good chance that you might have spoken to one of us throughout our process!

What are you waiting for?

Your Virtual Adjuster handles the entire claims process for you so that you can sell more jobs and get on more roofs.

Are you ready to make insurance claims easier than ever?

Take advantage of your Complimentary Growth Call + Get 25 FREE Postcard Mailers on us! Give us a call today at 855-775-7550 and schedule an onboarding on our home page!

Let us focus on claims so you can focus on roofing.

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