Hold Your Insurance Company Accountable! – Let’s Settle It! w/ Cam Wade

Hold Your Insurance Company Accountable! - Let's Settle It! w/ Cam Wade

Cesar Vargas and Noa Olcha sat down with Came Wade, a public adjuster working with Your Large Loss Adjuster! They go on to discuss the importance of holding your insurance company accountable to the promise that they made you in their policy.

The immediate aftermath of a disaster can be complex and time-consuming for both contractors and property managers who may not be prepared for what comes next!


To combat this, YLLA has a team of professionals with decades of experience who will scope the property and create a comprehensive proof of loss that will allow us to maximize your claim!


From the Your Large Loss Adjuster website:


Cam was born and raised in Texas, and his journey into the world of construction started as a kid. His father owned his own contracting company, and Cam found himself always wanting to be around his father. This meant even if that meant being put to work. By 14, he was carrying bundles of shingles up and down a ladder. He was eventually promoted up the chain to the kid who got to swing the hammer and do installations.


After joining the Army and becoming a Military Police Officer, the power of the “Team” resonated strongly with him:


“One team, one fight”.


He’s since taken that motto into his professional career. There, he spent 13 years as a storm restoration salesman, project manager, and sales manager.


The truth is that the insurance carrier puts their shareholder’s profit before the insured’s best interest every day. The insurance carrier no longer keeps to the promise they made to the insured They systematically hurt the policyholder more and more with each and every claim. This is why he decided to become a Public Insurance Adjuster. The joy he gets each and every time he beats the bully (Insurance Carrier) and delivers the insured a respectful and just resolution of full indemnification is an amazing feeling. Especially with Your Large Loss Adjuster.


When commercial properties experience large losses, everyone revolving around that building suffers. A loss can also be categorized as when the production line is stopped. This could be because a hail storm turned the roof into swiss cheese. This then results in a domino effect of issues coming up for those who are affected.


When he isn’t out slaying dragons you can find Cam kayak fishing with his family and friends.


He’s just a regular guy with a not-so-ordinary job.


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