The 2 Most Common Types of Residential Damage Claims

As a roofing contractor, there are different types of hail and wind damage that you’ll see more often than others. For every job you take, you will want to take high-quality photos and measurements. Just as it is important to repair or replace your customer’s property, it’s equally as important to properly scope their damages to get the most out of their claim.

You will be given the proper training and education to do just that with our exclusive YVA Virtual Claims app (available now on iPhone and Android) during our onboarding. The following are the two most common types of residential damage claims that your customers could be concerning themselves with and how to properly identify them.

Hail Damage

Hail consists of balls or irregular lumps of ice that vary in size and shape. Unlike ice pellets, hail doesn’t have to fall in cold weather. Even minor hailstorms can create debilitating damage to a property, and most hail damage is done to the roof specifically. Without proper care, hail damage has the potential to evolve into water or mold damage as well.

  • What does hail damage look like?
    • – Hail damage can either be really noticeable or really hard to spot. If hail is large enough ( 1” in diameter or bigger) you’ll see dents in shingles or cracks in the tile.
    • – Dings, dents, or holes to the roof vents, gutters, roof flashing, garage door, mailbox, or car hood.

Even though it may seem like these are all easy to see or find, some damage can seem invisible. Take the time to lift shingles and inspect more hidden areas. You want to take as many detailed photos as possible.

Remember the specific day of the hailstorm as well to ensure that no box goes unchecked. There’s no such thing as too much information when it comes to insurance claim documentation!

Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to submit everything through the YVA app. Watch as our dedicated team of claims specialists file, estimate, negotiate AND settle your customer’s property damage insurance claim jobs while keeping you and the homeowners involved every step of the way.

Wind Storm

Wind Damage

Wind damage is caused by winds that exceed 50-60 miles per hour, similar to that of a hurricane or tornado. Your customers living in mobile homes are especially at risk from this type of damage. Even anchored homes can be seriously damaged in winds over 80 miles per hour. If not properly taken care of, wind damage can also lead to other types of damage like mold growth.

  • What does wind damage look like?
    • – Fallen branches uprooted trees, and torn down power lines.
    • – Loose or missing shingles, chimney issues, curling or peeling shingles, and indoor leaks.

While it is possible for a Public Adjuster to prove to your customer’s insurance company that their property was damaged by a fallen tree, it is still important to as many photos as possible to better document the damages. 

Did you know that most home insurance won’t cover damage caused by poor maintenance like failure to remove dead and rotted trees?

But just as with any kind of claim, Your Virtual Adjuster will provide you and your sales team with the right knowledge and education to take the proper documentation for us to compile and present to your customer’s insurance company.

With just the swipe of your finger, you can send everything over to our office to get your customer’s claim started.

Hail Damage

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