3 Tools Every Roofing Contractor Needs

Being able to grow your roofing business and keep in communication with insurance claim companies should be easy– and now it can be!

Your Virtual Adjuster powered by Bulldog Adjusters helps roofers get on more roofs and sell more jobs with our unique claims management process.

It’s easy to feel underrepresented in the world of small residential insurance claims so we’ve provided you with a list of the 3 ESSENTIAL TOOLS that every roofing contractor needs in order to grow their business and succeed in the field.

Roofing Education

Wouldn’t it be great if your sales team could be out knocking on doors instead of worrying about insurance claims? If your guys are more focused on sales, you could focus on growing your business! That’s where our 90-day onboarding program comes in where we educate owners, admins, and their sales teams about what it truly means to navigate the insurance process of claims $50K or less.

Every contractor knows how to do what they do best. But not every contractor is an expert at insurance claims– nor should they be!

Our program is also designed for contractors of ANY level to teach them not only HOW to properly take photos and measurements but WHY it’s important for them to do so.

  • – Without proper documentation and photos of the loss, it takes more time to file and submit for approval. In the worst cases, the contractor is required to return to the job and retake photos.
  • – We educate our partners on what to expect throughout the insurance claims process – and how our team of claim specialist handles working on each one ‘virtually’.

After taking our class, your teams are at an advantage when it comes to taking on more insurance jobs!

A Unique Claims Process

Your Virtual Adjuster takes the residential insurance claims process and turns it on its head. 

Our dedicated team of claims specialists file, estimate, negotiate AND settle your customer’s property damage insurance jobs while keeping you and the homeowners involved every step of the way. 

We have a team of Claims Specialists that includes:

  • – a Claim Intake Specialist who will review your files to ensure that we have all the information needed to file this claim
  • – an Estimator who will put together our comprehensive claims binder
  • – a Scheduler who will communicate and coordinate all appointments between the insurance adjuster, your team, and the homeowner.
  • – a Client Relationship Specialist who communicates with all homeowners on the latest developments in their claim
  • – a Claims Processor who communicates with both the roofer and homeowner for any immediate needs
  • – a PA/Negotiator who uses our comprehensive claims binder to expertly negotiate and settle your customer’s claim for the best possible outcome!
  • – and finally, a Payout Specialist who ensures you get the money you need to start the build as quickly as possible.

With our claims management technology, you will also be working with a full team of negotiators, processors, account managers, and more that assist in making the process as quick and easy as possible!

The YVA Virtual Claims App

Part of what makes Your Virtual Adjuster so great is the fact that we are just that – VIRTUAL. 

With just the swipe of your finger, you will be able to use the Virtual Claims app to:

  • – EASILY scope your customer’s damage 
  • – Keep track of ALL of your referrals
  • – Receive WEEKLY claim updates 
  • – Get NOTIFIED of when payments are being issued 
  • – Communicate DIRECTLY with your dedicated account manager 
  • – Get DETAILED estimates from our team
  • – AND keep track of your sales team and their referrals

Not only that, but we also provide you with the tools YOU NEED to gather the photos and measurements WE NEED to build a comprehensive claims binder that includes:

  • – A comprehensive estimate
  • – Picture report
  • – Aerials
  • – Local & state codes 
  • – Manufacturer specifications 
  • – Xactimate definitions
  • – Engineering report

And more for your customer’s insurance company to review BEFORE they even get on the roof. 

The best part is that it’s all accessible from one dashboard!

Your Virtual Adjuster handles the entire claims process for you so that you can focus on selling more roofs.

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Welcome to the future of claims. Welcome to Your Virtual Adjuster.

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