Home Insurance Policies: The Top 3 Problems Roofers Face

Home Insurance Policies: The Top 3 Problems Roofers Face

Are you a roofer struggling to make sense of the various home insurance policies your customers may have? Are you frustrated with trying to understand how deductibles, exclusions, and lack of coverage can impact your ability to do the job and get paid?

If so, Your Virtual Adjuster, powered by Bulldog Adjusters, can help. With our services, roofers can quickly navigate the complexities of home insurance policies. They can also make sure they’re getting paid in full for their work. In this blog post, we discuss the top 3 problems roofers face when it comes to home insurance policies.

Lack of coverage

When it comes to home insurance policies, one of the main problems that roofers face is the lack of coverage. This can be a major issue because not all home insurance policies are created equal. Some may not cover the type of damage caused to the roof or simply provide enough coverage for repairs. In these cases, experienced public adjusters such as those at Your Virtual Adjuster can help homeowners understand their policy and determine if there is enough coverage in place for repairs. As part of our service, we create our Comprehensive Claims Binder. This is to ensure that everything is properly documented so that adequate compensation can be obtained from insurers.


Another problem roofers often encounter when dealing with customers’ home insurance policies is high deductibles. Deductibles are an important part of any home insurance policy. They determine how much money must be paid out-of-pocket by customers before insurers will cover damages resulting from a claim filed against them. Unfortunately, many customers find themselves unable to afford these high deductibles. This can prevent roofers from being able to make necessary repairs on their roofs due to the lack of financial resources available upfront.


There are also instances where homeowners may discover after work has been completed by roofers that some damages were excluded from their policy. This leaves them stuck with an unexpected bill they cannot pay. This also prevents roofers from getting paid for services rendered due to exclusions within a particular customer’s plan terms & conditions. Experienced public adjustors like those at Your Virtual Adjuster understand how confusing this process can be given the constantly changing laws & regulations related to specific states/cities/countries etc. This makes it difficult sometimes even for experts, let alone ordinary people unfamiliar with insurance industry jargon & protocols.

To avoid these kinds of situations, Your Virtual Adjuster provides expert consultation services helping clients get the most out of every available option per individual situation, ensuring an overall satisfactory outcome for everyone involved. From researching applicable laws /regulations, tracking down previous settlements made under similar circumstances, and liaising between insurer&customer directly. Our team brings years of cumulative experience doing exactly what needs to be done to get the job done right!

Trust Your Virtual Adjuster To Handle Your Customer’s Residential Insurance Claim

At every stage along the way, Your Virtual Adjuster offers personalized guidance from top industry professionals who specialize in understanding complex nuances associated with home insurance policies. Our mobile claims app helps make that so much easier with instant claim updates, access to your Account Manager, and consistent improvements to better your roofing experience!

Are you ready to make insurance claims easier than ever?

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