Greetings from Atlanta, Georgia: Hero Roofing Style

Greetings from Atlanta, Georgia: Hero Roofing Style

We spent some time in Atlanta, Georgia, last month with a few of our roofing partners for food, drinks, and great conversation!

Our day started with lunch with Dr. Roof and discussing our process with their great team. We followed it up that evening with a dinner accompanied by Viking Construction and Roofing! Our team listened to their thoughts about the insurance claims process and provided our own insight and expertise.

The highlight of our visit was meeting with Hero Roofing and sponsoring their ribbon-cutting luncheon! The team was accepted into the Coweta Chamber of Commerce for their involvement and commitment to the community.

We also had our very own Alfredo Tarkyani speak at the 3rd Latinos en Roofing event in McKinney, TX!



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